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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Job Vacancy - Assistant Project Manager (Microwave Project)

sapa2 di luar sana....untuk ENGINEER jer ok...nak try keje kat opis i...try la..hahha.klu x best cabot la i kat sini da 4thn da..ihhiihih....

project neg mmg under bukan i yg manager...i admin asst u all jerk...hhihih...

ciri2 yg dikendaki adalah: ( BI jer...sbb aku copy paste dr HR punyer email)...

  • End-to-end management of projects, including all aspects of Project Planning, Project Implementation, Project Control, and final completion of projects meeting customer expectations of Time Quality and within Budget.
  • Provide project management consultation and establishing and maintaining healthy relationship with customers.

  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma or Professional training in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunications, IT or Electrical Engineering)
  • Preferred skill(s): Bahasa Malaysia, English, Project Management.
  • Have working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Strong knowledge of the program and project management capabilities.
  • Strong people skills and proven client interrelationships skills.
  • Must ensure consistency in the use of project management tools, accurately follow financial guidelines and is comfortable functioning in a large programmed or multi-project environment.
  • Responsible for people management for all team members.
  • Have excellent communication skills and understanding of financial and business issue.

Interested applicants are invited to write-in/e-mail with a latest detailed resume stating qualifications and experience to:

aper tgu lg...cepat2....apply..mungkin rezeki anda sini....yuhuu....selamat mencuba

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